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It's My Museum and . . . 

It's my museum, and I enthusiastically support art that is purposely diverse, creatively eclectic and whose expressions captivate all my senses."

Teri H.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I want to experience awesome!"

Satorr P.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I'm ready for a change!"

Lee Crawford

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I want to see more artists of color represented!"


"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I care!"


"IT'S MY MUSEUM, . . . and I need this more than ever right now!"

Kim M

Lekisha H.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I like to pass time there."

Jhony P.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM - A visual memoir enlightens and illuminates a pathway to a brighter future."

Amy Jean

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I want to make it available for all!"

Lynn P

"IT'S MY MUSEUM and more inclusivity would make it better!"
Liz R

"IT'S MY MUSEUM and I care!"

"IT'S MY MUSEUM and it makes me feel free!"

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I'm ready to witness the development of Black recognition."


"It's my museum, and I care and want to be involved."

Hannah D.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I want access to learn about all artists!"

Kathy H.

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I want to see more artists of color represented!"


"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I am excited to learn about underrepresented artists and support them!"

Zelika K

"IT'S MY MUSEUM, and I love the idea of exploring outside of my own world!"

Zita K

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About Us

Welcome to IT’S MY MUSEUM, a nonprofit that raises awareness, not money. The grassroots program serves to build a mainstream audience for underrepresented artists, particularly female artists and artists of color.

IT’S MY MUSEUM grew out of a Meetup group started in Charlotte, NC in August 2020. By the end of the year, the group’s membership had expanded to over 600 local arts and culture enthusiasts. It was during an event in early January that the participants realized they did not know much about African American Charlotte native Romare Bearden or other underrepresented segments of artists.

group of people

Touched by this experience and recognizing a collective passion for shining a brighter light on the works of artists of diverse communities, IT’S MY MUSEUM was formed. Our vision is for underrepresented visual artists to be known by the mainstream public.

How will this vision be achieved? By building a large-scale, digitally-based, national network of volunteer ambassadors willing to share their enthusiasm for heightening the profiles of diverse artists. Awareness, education, and action are the goals.

We will never ask ambassadors for money. A series of online presentations, productions, and chats are brought to you by participating museums and corporate sponsors. All you need to do is enjoy the events and, we hope, share your experiences with your own online communities.

IT’S MY MUSEUM invites you in to join our movement toward greater inclusivity in the arts.

In 1966, Romare Bearden stated, “The Negro artist is unknown to America” (ARTnews, September 1966).

Little, if anything has changed since. A recent study shows that the artists in 18 major US museums are 85% white and 87% male.

Let’s facilitate change together. After all, IT’S MY MUSEUM.

What We Do . . . 

father showing daughter museum case items


Corporate-sponsored programs that are educational and entertaining are produced by women creatives and creatives of color and feature under-represented artists. The “content with a cause” programs are streamed through museums nationally, and we are the audience!


We are scheduling Zoom calls with people of influence to request nonfinancial support. The purpose of these calls are to provide awareness of It’s My Museum initiatives and methods the POI can open doors and support our cause. Join us today!


We are collaborating with art institutions to produce programs that will be distributed through museums across the United States. It’s My Museum will spread the word and be first in line to purchase the $5 ticket and start streaming the show!

Join the Movement!